Potential clients who visit your law firm website need a quick confirmation that they should stay. Many of the law firms we work with claim they have web traffic, but site visitors often leave before checking out other pages or taking key actions. This “bounce rate” – the amount of time site visitors spend on a page before navigating away from your site – can be improved with a few simple adjustments to your law firm content marketing approach.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Create a Clear Path to Engagement

Many law firm websites suffer from bad design and boring content. Online visitors need a good balance of visual cues, space and directions. Also, they want to see something current, relevant and engaging to keep them on the site – this can be accomplished with blog posts.

In writing law firm blog posts, you want to break up large chunks of text, work with lists and guide the reader through your content to the call to action (where you ask them to do something). Even when writing for a professional audience rather than a consumer one, you should strive to say less, space things out with headings and bullet points and develop ideas across posts.

Keep in mind that people reading content on your website are either doing so from a computer screen or mobile device – chances are they skim the content until something grabs their attention – make it easy to find that with these simple tweaks.

Headings Help Readability of Law Firm Blog Posts

You have now crossed into the body of this post. After introducing the issues in the last section, we now give you another header that breaks into the heart of what we want you to take away: short, digestible sections of text are more likely to be read.

In crafting your headings pay attention to SEO. Headings provide a golden opportunity to use keywords that you want to emphasize so people find your content in online searches. For this particular post, you will notice the keyword phrase “Law Firm Blog Posts” used in the title, a heading and text of the post. This is the keyword phrase we are optimizing, so weaving it into the text and headings is key.

Get to the Bullet Points

After headings the quickest way to move readers through your post is with bullet points. This little convention has the following benefits:

  • Easy on the eyes
  • Facilitates quick reading
  • Introduces and groups together topics

This may seem like an obvious point (no pun intended), but I cannot tell you how many law firm blog posts pack paragraphs full of bullet point ripe information that no one reads.

Post Length – 350 to 500 Words

This post is presently at 425 words (yes – we are getting to the end). In the spirit of keeping your reader engaged, informing them about areas of the law and how your firm handles them and keeping them on your site long enough to pick up that phone, you want to keep the word count below 500. After that you lose people and are better off doing the subject matter as a series of posts (part 1, 2, etc.).

Even short posts take time to plan, write and publish. If your law firm wants a blogging partner to work with, who can write engaging and authoritative law firm blog posts then check out our monthly subscriptions today.