Email marketing still reigns supreme as the most reliable and effective marketing tool to keep potential clients engaged and using your law firm’s services. Unfortunately, most law firms drop the ball when it comes to their email lists. Find out the common mistakes law firms make in email marketing and how to start making this medium work for you.

Clients Don’t Give a Sh*t About Your Law Firmnobody cares

That’s right. Clients could care less that so-and-so joined the firm, this guy won that case and hey – congratulations on the new, expensive renovation of your office (now we know why our fees were so high last month!).

Clients want to know what your law firm can do for them.

I’m not saying that your big wins don’t have a place in the law firm newsletter, but it’s all in how you present this information. The best client newsletters provide valuable and actionable insights that are highlighted by real life examples from the firm’s track record. Every law firm email blast you do should provide at least 1 or 2 pieces of valuable information that you could technically charge someone to hear. When clients see you doing this your email blasts start moving out of the spam folders. And the best thing that could happen is your clients forward these emails to their friends.

Five Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Law Firm Email Marketing

Follow these five quick tips to get a hell of a lot more out of your email marketing:

1. Keep subscriber email messages short

Most email gets read on a mobile phone, which means most people do not want to read a 1000 word message. Rather, delivery 2 to 3 line summaries of each item with a link to your law firm blog posts on that topic.

2. Include links to your law firm blog in subscriber emails

Use the email newsletter as to drive traffic to your law firm website. Blog posts can then deliver all the details on each item that you would have crammed into the newsletter (that no one would have read).

3. Include a piece of exclusive content for subscribers in the message

Reserve some space for a 100 to 200 word feature box that provides a key tip for email subscribers only. This would be something NOT on your website that rewards subscribers.

4. Use an Email Marketing Solution

There are many free email marketing solutions that you can use TODAY to start building an email list and marketing your firms. My personal favorite is Mail Chimp, but others like Mad Mimi, Constant Contact and Aweber also offer pretty nice starting features for free (Google “email marketing solution”).

5. Track email marketing statistics to improve performance

If you do not have Google Analytics on your law firm website or some other way of measuring site then we may need to have a talk (proper tracking is KEY to improvement and results). Thankfully, many services provide tracking just for emails that can give you some of the basic information that matters for email marketing: (a) emails sent, (b) emails received, (c) emails opened and open rate percentage, (d) number of clicks, i.e. visits to the links you included, and (e) number of unsubscribes.

Even if you started doing 2 out of 5 of these things with your email marketing, I guarantee you will see better results (am I crazy making such a statement to lawyers?!?!). Really though, the biggest mistake in email marketing is not doing it at all.

Need Blog Posts for Your Law Firm Website?

If you have made it this far then you probably want to start doing some email marketing (great!). But very few lawyers have the time to maintain a full time practice while consistently blogging. That’s where LawLeadPro can help. We are a bunch of lawyers, licensed in the US, who have actual practice area experience across a range of subjects. Check out what we can do to get your law firm blogs written today.